Colorful Inspirations

Colorful Inspirations is one of the most quaint boutiques that I have been in. This little shop located in the village of Camillus, NY has something for everyone. Owner, Diane Smith, is the woman behind it all. I have met her a couple of times now and she is kind, humble, hard working, driven and most of all an exceptional artist.

The boutique is absolutely beautiful inside. She has a tremendous amount of seasonal items (which change with every season and holiday), custom floral designs, hand painted glass items, home decor, and jewelry, just to name some. I visited during the time where everything is Halloween-my favorite holiday-and was blown away by how much it has to offer. Diane was kind enough to let me take some photos of her boutique and I couldn’t wait to post these!


The front entrance is very welcoming and as soon as you walk in the door, your senses are on an overload-a very good overload-between all the pretty things and the aromatic scents.

Some of my very own personal favorites…

And she even has a tree that she decorates according to holiday/season. This Halloween tree is fantastic and everything on it is for sale.

Her custom floral arrangements are amazing and no doubt, a lot of work and talent went in to each and every one.

The home decor in this boutique ranges from coasters to wall hangings to mirrors…She literally has something for everyone. My personal favorites are anything WINE related (and she has plenty!)

What makes Diane’s boutique stand out from many is that she offers gift wrapping on everything (great place to stop in a get a quick gift on your way to a birthday, bridal shower, wedding). However, even if you just stop by and pick up something for yourself, your purchase is beautifully bagged and every customer gets a bow. It is this kind of personal service that many places lack these days.


I know where I will be buying many gifts from in the future. Diane Smith of Colorful Inspirations is one talented lady and you can not beat the personal touches she adds! I would rather buy something handmade from a local artist than a big box shop any day.

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