The Sunflowers A-mazed….

I brought my son to a sunflower maze yesterday afternoon. I had wanted to go for a couple of weeks as I kept seeing everyone post their beautiful images on social media and the place is literally 5 minutes down the road from me. When I saw the night before that they were closing it down today, due to hot weather and the wilting of the flowers, I knew I needed to go….  Although many of the flowers were wilted, you could still see the amazing beauty that was right before your eyes. Acres of sunflowers.


Some of these flowers were 12 inches in diameter. As my son and I trekked along the paths, I could see how much he enjoyed them as well. “Mom, there are millions of these here. They are so big!”-he is 6.


We endured the sweltering heat and humidity, but never finished the entire maze. He was ready to go home after a good bit. But…..thank you little buddy for being such a good sport so mommy could go snap a few pictures!


And even though we never finished the maze, there was a picture of what it was at the entrance. And low and behold it happened to be one of my most favorite things in the world!!!  (The picture below is not my picture. It was shown at the entrance to the maze.)

aerial view


So, I got some great shots, spent some quality time with my little guy and didn’t have to go far from home.

Until next time….

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